Kei Nishikori plays John Isner in the Washington Open final


The Washington Open final will throw up a fascinating blend of styles as the speed of Kei Nishikori takes on the power on John Isner. The week-long event in the capital city of the United States comes to a dramatic conclusion on Sunday night at 8pm. Nishikori and Isner will bring their differing approaches to the tennis court together after coming through arduous … [Read more...]

Mets win seventh in a row after rally in ninth beats Rays

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Wilmer Flores was in the lineup at shortstop for the Mets Friday night instead of Ruben Tejada because of "The Matrix." Not the Keanu Reeves movie franchise. Terry Collins has a top-secret Mets-generated book that suggests many things, including what type of pitchers certain Mets batters should do well against. He calls it "The Matrix." Because neither … [Read more...]

Hiroshima Honors 70th Anniversary of Atomic Bombing


HIROSHIMA, Japan — To the surprise of many who witnessed its incineration by an atomic bomb 70 years ago on Thursday, this city, like Japan itself, rebounded vigorously after World War II. The population, nearly halved by the new and terrifying American weapon nicknamed Little Boy, now exceeds 1.1 million, nearly three times what it was during the war. Mazda makes its sporty … [Read more...]