France, Marquis de Lafayette’s summer residence

Raise your hand if you have never dreamt about living, or just staying, at a royal residence. In the one owned by the Marquis de Lafayette, for example, that has just become for sale. The price of the property is not exactly affordable, however 1,8 million euro is an extremely reasonable sum for a luxurious residence, whose walls tell the glorious past of one of the most famous general on the other side of the Alps. The house in which the “hero of the two worlds” spent his summers is located in Loches, in the Loire valley. It is a wonderful medieval town, dominated by an ancient castle, where time seems to stand still. Inevitably, the French nobleman’s residence mirrors the architectural features of the period in which it was built. It dates back to the seventeenth century, therefore it was built in the Baroque style.

luxury villa in France

The luxurious villa in France owned by the Marquis de Lafayette is surrounded by more than twelve hectares of land, with splendid gardens and enchanting relaxing areas. The floor area of the residence is equally impressive, since it is about two thousand square meters. This two-story house has a total of eleven bedrooms, several salons, a billiard room and a kitchen overlooking the park belonging to the estate. Both on the first floor and in the sleeping quarters there are several parlors, which were mandatory in the residence of such an important personality who used to entertain guests and illustrious visitors. The final touch is a refined guesthouse that looks a lot like a Pugliese trullo. It has eight rooms, therefore you will have all the room you need to accommodate friends and family in this exclusive French resort.

LuxuryEstate in France

Every single detail oozes luxury and elegance both in this independent building and in the main housing unit. Starting from the materials, such as the wood in the beams and the marbles that upholster the floors,  to the furniture that is original and therefore lavish and refined. The tapestry is damasked, both on the curtains and on the sofa, but also on the carpets and cushions. In the living quarters there are a lot of paintings and furniture. All frames are made of brass, perfectly in line with the style of the seventeenth century, while the crystal chandeliers are a testimony to how much the Marquis loved splendor



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