Benefits Of Choosing Man Made Diamonds For Your Engagement

Pretty sure that you’ve planned to grow old with your other half, so you’re thinking of surprising her during the engagement day. As a part of your preparation, you’re looking for a diamond ring that you can use in the proposal. You’re surely aware of how much you’d be spending if you’ll get a mined stone, thus, you should weigh your options when on a tight budget.

Engagements are enthusiastic events in a relationship because this signifies that the couple is looking forward to their future. On this day, a man will usually take the courage to propose and ask her partner for marriage. Once she accepted your request, you’ll give her the ring that was carefully chosen and is specifically for this occasion.

You have surely seen the wide range of lab grown jewelry selections offered by trustworthy jewelers in your locality. These pieces of gems are specially made for diverse occurrences and can be customized based on your preferences. So if you have specific requirements, then discuss the particulars with their lapidarist and ask for unfamiliar details.

What are man-made diamonds?

These gemstones are formed using different approaches with the aid of advanced technology in laboratories under definite conditions. First, we have HTHP where high pressure and heat are applied during the simulation. The other one is CV, it’s used in breaking down carbon atoms to form crystals.

They’re different from mined diamonds, though similar in properties and appearance. In just a few weeks, experts can already create about 10 carats, while it will take years to form naturally on Earth. Manufacturers from leading industries can produce and supply to local jewelers, but mining resources are typically imported.

Benefits of Choosing Lab-grown Diamonds for Engagement Rings

Establishing serious relationships and finding the right person to be with doesn’t always come. It’s because a lot of affairs didn’t work out due to some reasons. Therefore, when a man proposes, it means that he would like to start a family with you.

Some guys wouldn’t even mind giving you a ring before, but not now that lab-grown ones are already available. So if you’ll be proposing to your loved one soon, then you’re fortunate enough for having favorable options. This isn’t simply about purchasing a ring with such precious stone, but it’s for an event that will help determine your future – visit to read further.

Practically Indistinguishable

If you’re looking at the mined and man-made stones, then you won’t be able to distinguish their differences. That’s what your naked eyes are trying to show you, but this doesn’t mean that you’re fooled. Keep in mind that they’re alike in many aspects and come from diamond seeds which are just like a strand of hair.

You’ll be surprised after finding out about these facts because the jeweler will have to inform you. Of course, you’re coming to see the designs and select one for your partner. Now that you have seen the lab-grown, this will practically be your choice for a fine engagement ring.

Supply Chain

There’s surely this place in your locality where accessories are famous for their brand and quality. Why will consumers purchase pieces of gems from a shop if they’re not trustworthy? Well, you choose this jeweler because you’re aware of where his stones are manufactured.

People know how rare diamonds are and mining resources have different methods in acquiring such precious stones. Let’s say that to avoid conflicts more companies are now relying on man-made products. With this, you’re guaranteed the source incorporated and sustained decent methods, thus, obtaining it is conflict-free – go here for more info.


Since it’s far cheaper than real diamonds, then every couple can afford to purchase either for engagement or wedding occasions. Will other people look down on you just because your ring isn’t as expensive as theirs? Such events may only come once in your lifetime, but if you’re not from a wealthy family, then be reasonable.

Remember that such stones no matter how they’re formed, will look no different. You’re not going to announce, anyway, that this ring only cost this much. Indeed, it’s 50 percent cheaper than Earth-mined, but it’s still costly for an accessory.

Now, if you’re thinking of future expenses after this engagement, then you know where you stand. This event in life is significant for your relationship as a couple, but be wise as well. Therefore, make sure to visit a trustworthy jeweler with competent gem cutters.

Quality and Availability

Diamonds are rated based on four Cs – carat, cut, color, and clarity. If you’re going to ask for help from the experts, they’ll be familiar with these factors. These aspects will determine the quality or grade of a gemstone.

So if the grade is higher, that will be more expensive. Sometimes, what you can purchase is even finer than natural ones because there are fewer impurities. Be reminded that when there are flaws, the price will decrease even when they’re mined.

Fortunately, the ones created in laboratories are under a controlled setting, thus, they’re perfectly grown. Do you know that colored diamonds are rare but some consider them deficient, though they’re available with lab-created gemstones?


Imagine how miners leave damage to the environment. They’re digging the Earth’s surface to find these jewels.

They may be doing this legally but may cause harm to the land as well. While lab-created stones don’t destroy fossils. Thus, this method is still safer.


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