Enjoying The Fantastic Shopping When Visiting Bangkok

Thailand is a holiday destination enjoyed by millions of tourists every year. It has plenty of beautiful hotels and resorts, pristine beaches, and lots of things to see and do. However, it is also an excellent destination to go shopping, and you may want to spend a few days in Bangkok if you love to shop. Below are some of the places you can go and some of the excellent shopping available to help you enjoy a day or two shopping when you visit the Big Mango.

The Best Place To Shop

The best place to shop will depend on what you want to buy, and Bangkok has almost everything for sale if you look hard enough. If you are looking for jewellery while you are there, it seems you can find a Bangkok jewelery shop on almost every corner. There are open-air markets, luxury shopping malls, boutique designer shops, and Bangkok also has the largest open-air market globally, Chatuchak Market, which boasts over 10,00 shops and market stalls.

Some Of The Best Shopping Malls

Bangkok has plenty of shopping malls, and it would take you weeks to visit them all. No matter what you are looking to buy, plenty of shopping malls have what you want in abundance. Some of the most popular shopping malls include:

  • Siam Paragon – It is one of the largest shopping malls in the capital with shopping, food and drinks, a cinema, and bowling.
  • IconSiam – It is one of the newest shopping malls in the city, and offers plenty of high-end shopping, and restaurants and cafes to enjoy.
  • Asiatique The Riverfront – It is a busy shopping mall for locals and tourists, with plenty of shopping and eating and drinking opportunities and live music.
  • Emporium & EmQuartier – These are two shopping malls operated by the same company, and both you can walk to from the Phrom Pong BTS station. Lost of shopping and entertainment available, and easy to get to via public transport.

The Things You Can Buy

No matter what you are looking to buy when you are in Bangkok, you will find plenty of choices available. There are designer fashion brands, high-end electricals, home furnishings, souvenirs, furniture, sports equipment, and almost every fashion style you can think of available in Bangkok. You can certainly shop till you drop when in Bangkok, so make sure you take plenty of rest stops and enjoy some of the fantastic food and entertainment that is also on offer.


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