Packaging Boxes: Every Product Requires a Packaging Box

Folding carton packaging kicked-off the packaging industry over one hundred years ago and has become a billion-dollar business today. It is an important part of packaging today and can be used for a variety of purposes. Folding carton packaging is very efficient, economical and hygienic and is preferred by most businesses. It is cost effective and saves time and adds considerable strength to the product. Many packing boxes come with locking features.

Rigid boxes or stacked or flat pack are usually preferred for shipping purposes. They are sturdier than folding cartons and provide good protection to products against moisture and light. While price is generally higher, they are also better quality and often come in designer patterns, colors and materials, thereby offering a superior product to the customers. Most leading manufacturers and suppliers offer a complete range of folding cartons and packing boxes.

Flat pack and rigid boxes differ mainly in their external shape and sizes. Both these types of packaging can be custom-made according to the requirements of the customer. The main differences between the two packaging types lie in their thickness, design, lining and additional facilities such as snap shut-off facility. The inner box is made of thicker material and used to ship heavy and large bulky products whereas flat pack type offers small and compact boxes that are suitable for home usage.

There are many manufacturing companies that offer complete line of packaging boxes. They offer customized, hardwearing and environment-friendly packaging supplies for all your requirements. You have a choice of standard corrugated boards, melamine fiberboard, polyethylene, fiberglass and more. All these varieties are suitable for different types of products and are cost-effective. The packaging needs of every product varies and so do the packaging boxes.

The standard corrugated boards are suitable for standard sized packing needs. These boxes are cost-effective and are long-lasting. They are also available in various thicknesses and colors. The basic function of standard corrugated boards is to give protection to your products during transportation. Some other varieties of packaging boxes are available in melamine fiberboard, polyethylene and more.

The main features of corrugated boxes include strength, rigidity and toughness. The material used for manufacturing these boxes is polyethylene and fiberglass. The specialty of these materials is that they provide excellent insulation property. They also help in minimizing the surface scratches and stains. You can go for the standard packing boxes or the custom-made corrugated boxes depending on the packing needs and your budget.


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