Pierced Professionals – How to Hide Piercings While at Work

This article is for the pierced professional, it gives tips on how to hide piercings when at work. Nose piercings and other piercings were once frowned upon in a work setting, but times have changed, and most workplaces have no problems with their staff members wearing body jewellery. The fact remains that not every employer is going to like your nose ring, so what can you do to cover it up?

Inconspicuous Jewellery

When you have body piercing jewellery such as belly rings or nipple rings, they can be easily covered up when you go to work. The same cannot be said for facial piercings. If you have a tongue piercing or nose piercing, most of the time your employer will have no issues with you wearing it, but they may not like it. If you’re willing to compromise and meet halfway, you should choose dainty jewellery that is hard to notice. Dainty piercing jewellery can be worn on any of your facial piercing, such as:

  • Earlobes
  • Helix
  • Nose piercing
  • Tongue piercing

They are generally elegant looking pieces that aren’t that easily noticed, perfect for professionals in a range of industries. If your boss isn’t keen on your facial jewellery, try wearing a small stud or disk that isn’t that noticeable.

Piercing Retainers

If your employer has banned all visible body piercings, you can invest in a piercing retainer. This is a skin-toned piece or clear retainer that you can put in the hole, so it doesn’t close up while you are at work. If your piercings close quickly or you’ve just got one done, consider this option for work. Although they aren’t completely invisible, your employer may be satisfied with this style of body jewellery.

Septum Piercings

Having a septum piercing makes it a lot easier to hide the jewellery than a nose piercing. A septum piercing ring can be turned around so that it isn’t easy to notice. While some employers will have no problem with a septum piercing, others will want you do remove it or make it less noticeable.

Getting a high-end corporate job doesn’t have to spell the end of your body piercings. You can still wear them to work once you have a discussion with your employee to see what is acceptable for them. There are many ways to make your body piercings less noticeable, when you shop for jewellery, go for items a little more discreet.


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