Purchasing Gemstones When You Are In Bangkok

Bangkok is an excellent destination to purchase gemstones, and it is one of the primary cities worldwide for the trade of coloured gemstones. You can get some fantastic deals when shopping for gems in Bangkok, and there are plenty of reputable companies selling them. You will need to be careful when looking to purchase gems in Bangkok, as there are scammers about as you find them in every city in the world. Do some homework before you arrive, and you can help avoid the scams and ensure you visit reputable gem dealers in the city to purchase your gemstones while in Bangkok.

What Gemstones Can You Buy?

As Bangkok is a primary trading hub for gem dealers worldwide, you can buy almost every type of gemstone when you are there. Some of the most popular gems include:

  • Diamonds – The beautiful gems are available in various colours, and you can buy the cut and uncut.
  • Rubies – Rubies are mined in Southeast Asia, and you can get some excellent quality gems when in Bangkok.
  • Sapphires – Sapphires are also mined in Southeast Asia, and they can vary in the depth of their colour.
  • Emeralds – You can also purchase various colour emeralds in Bangkok, with varying qualities available depending on your budget.

There are plenty of other gems available to purchase in Bangkok. Whatever you are buying, ensure the gemstones have a certificate from a gemstone testing laboratory for buying them.

Finding A Reputable Gemstone Dealer

If you do your homework, you will find plenty of reputable gemstone dealers in Bangkok. There are many local companies and many international ones that have an office in Bangkok. You will want to do some research online before arriving in Bangkok, so you know where you will be going when you get there. You can even arrange an appointment for when you are there with the most reputable companies, and they may even collect you from your hotel for the meeting.

Ideally, you will want to make appointments with three or four reputable gemstone dealers and see what gems they have for sale. It is also vital to remember that you can barter on the cost of almost everything in Thailand, including gemstones, so it helps if you are a good negotiator. You will usually find that it is best for you to export loose gemstones so you can avoid paying import duty in the country you live in, and you can get plenty of information on the subject by looking online.